Option Robot Review is one of the original Forex trading robots. The Option Robot was first developed in 2014 by a team of European software developers. The software is now connected with 5 Forex / CFD trading brokers, and the best part is that you see how the software works in demo mode.
Option Robot Review

The official Option Robot was one of the Top 3 Automated Trading Systems in 2017. While there are many scam trading systems out there sending spam email, and making flashy videos, when you look at this trading system you can see it is strictly business.

The system has multiple options for you to configure, and this is the reason we like it.

Option Robot Software Setting Review
Brokers at Option Robot

The most common complaint you will see in the binary options forum is about scam brokers, that work with scam trading robots. The nice part of is that you have the ability to choose you brokers.

There are many brokers that are currently connected with this software, and each month more brokers are added. You should read our reviews of these brokers: Roiteks, Olsson Capital, FintechPrime, GreenFields Capital, TraderOnline and eMarketsTrade. (Sadly, None of these brokers are licensed in Europe or Australia.)

Configure the Option Robot Setting
Max Simultaneous Trades: This is the number of trades that the system will have going at the same time. Expiry: This is where you tell the robot which option to trade. You choices range from 60 second options to one hour options. Amount: Here you set how much money the robot should place on each trade. The minimum is $20 per trade, and it goes as high as $600 for high rollers.

Method: Here you choose will you be trading Classic, Martingale or Fibonacci. Currencies: This Option Robot trades 8 forex pairs.

Indicators: You choose from 7 indicators (signal sources). The indicators are what the signals are generated from. So if you select Trend for example, the software will start placing trades anytime there is a pattern that matches.
Option Robot Results

You may have seen the scam robots advertising 90% accuracy, and guaranteed success. You will not find any promise like that with the Option Robot.

The reason has to do with your ability to control the software. Since you decide how many signals, and which signal the robot should trade, your results will never be the same as another persons results. And this is one of the reasons that it is such a popular robot. You the investor, sets up everything!

Caution! If you try out the demo mode, will all the options selected, you will be amazed how many trades the robot can place at one time. So be careful, and select a low number.

Click here to try Option Robot for free on a demo account



PixalBot Review, Killer Bonus, Discount, Official Website Access, OTO Info

Overview of PixalBot product


Pixalbot is the world’s fastest AI-Powered, fully automated design software for unlimited traffic and sales. This is an AI-powered software that is revolutionizing the graphic design world forever. It comes with automated designing, editing, redesigning, scheduling, resizing, and styling your content.

This is the software that works fast and endlessly giving you millions of visual content designed for you, in all sizes, styles, formatted, and shapes within a few clicks of a button.

Pixalbot can instantly produce attention-grabbing and high-converting graphics for your social media properties, e-commerce web store, or affiliate website for more traffic, more leads, and more sales.

PixalBot demo

1. The fastest way to get started with Pixalbot is to click on the template button and then choose the ready-made templates from the list.

2. If you want to choose the background just click on the canvas and choose one from the list.

3. If you want to add shape, you can click the shape button and choose the shape that you wish for.

4. Once you choose a shape, you can resize it, modify or change the color.

5. You can also add other visual elements like buttons, stickers, transparent photos, illustrated artwork. You can also upload your images.

6. If you click on the spin button, you can change any elements in your image. This software will automatically generate different versions of your image. Once you spin the image, you can download them or save them in the cloud.

7. You can use these images on your social media properties if you want, but you can also sell them to clients.

8. The Pixalbot software also allows you to post directly into your social media profiles. Just click the post button, add a text message on your post, if you want to, and finally post to social media.

PixalBot – Summary

If you want to start making money quickly, Pixalbot is the answer. Thanks to the spin function, Pixalbot can create thousands of different designs for your social media profiles or clients. No technical or design skill whatsoever.

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My Super Affiliate Builder Official Review, Website, Bonus Offer


My Super Affiliate Builder is one powerful software that super affiliates use to create high converting landing pages. It can be done within a few clicks. It is compatible with most advertising platform and the account won’t be banned.
– My Super Affiliate Builder is compatible with Active Campaign, Get Response, Aweber, and Mailchimp.
– Get traffic and conversion for as low as $0.01 per click.
– Build a segmented, targeted mailing list on autopilot.
– Use survey funnel to redirect visitors to offer that they won’t resist.
– Compatible with WordPress.

Features of My Super Affiliate Builder

My Super Affiliate Builder a WordPress plugin that will build a survey on your WordPress sites. Then, it allows you to ask questions to your visitors, get feedback, and offer them the most relevant recommendations to them, whether products or mailing list.

– Create engaging interactive surveys, with proper images.
– Fully customizable pages. You can add privacy policy, disclaimer, a term of service page, header images, and more.

– You can start and build your survey page quickly thanks to the ready-made converting templates. Yes, you can choose from one of the ready-made converting survey templates, edit and then you are good to go.
– You can create your template if you want to.
– Auto clone one-click feature. Once you have a winning template, you can simply clone it with just a click.
– Fully customizable question module. You can easily customize the questions in your survey.
– Intelli-Funnels. Automatically map your funnels and direct your traffic based on their response.
– Intelli-results thank you page. Customize the thank you page that your visitors will read once they’ve completed your survey. You can choose to display an opt-in page, eBook cover, dynamic results, and more.

– Create an auto-segment list based on their answers. You can create a targeted list based on the answers. So, expect to get massive conversions.

– Integrate your survey with popular autoresponder services like Mailchimp, Getresponse, or Aweber.
– You can also export your list to any autoresponder with just 1 click.
– You can also integrate this system with Zapier.

My Super Affiliate Builder demo

My Super Affiliate Builder is a WordPress plugin. You can simply install on your WordPress site, activate it and then you are good to go.

This is an example of how a survey created by My Super Affiliate Builder looks like:
You can collect email and grow your list at the end of each survey.

You have the option to customize the survey header and footer.
More customization. You can choose and customize the submit button color, privacy policy text, reset button background color, background color question, font family, font size, progress bar, and a lot more.

Edit and add your questions, answers. You can also place a tag for each question.

You can also add an image for each answer.

This is how you can map the question and answers. In other words, your website visitors will be directed to different questions depending on their answers.
This is how you can edit and customize the result page. The result will be different depending on the visitors’ answers. You can display a pop-up, collect emails, give free eBooks, and more.

You can save each survey as a template.
You can also create a new survey based on existing templates.

My killer My Super Affiliate Builder bonus

Purchase My Super Affiliate Builder software from this website and you are qualified to get all my bonus offers below. They are complementing the My Super Affiliate Builder products. In other words, you can use My Super Affiliate Builder together with my products to quadruple your online income.

Once you’ve made your purchase, please send me an email to claim these bonuses. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

My Super Affiliate Builder Bonus #1: Autoresponder Profit Formula

If you want to become a super affiliate, having an email list is important. If you don’t grow a mailing list, you will leave a lot of money on the table.

Autoresponder Profit Formula is the exact course that can help you get started and make money by using a mailing list. This course will walk you from A to Z along the process. This includes setting up your squeeze page, getting the traffic, and finally monetize or profit from your list.

Autoresponder Profit Formula consists of 3 parts:
Part 1: List building basics
– A summary of the mailing list building.
– List of tools and plans that you should be using to build a responsive list on auto-pilot.
– The traffic part. This part will expose how you get drive targeted traffic to your list.
– Case studies and conversion. Discover the type of squeeze pages that will convert well.

Part 2: Grow a buyer list
– The big difference between buyer list and freebie seekers list.
– Secrets used by top affiliates to grow a huge mailing list that will earn them the real money.
– Joint venture marketing, why you should utilize it, and how to utilize it.
– The list building mistakes that you should avoid.
– Find out how to become an authority in your niche and then get massive exposure to your website.
– The techniques that you can implement to generate tons of traffic, especially buyer traffic to your landing page.
– Forum marketing – how can you utilize free forums and get free, targeted leads.
– The launch jacking method – how can you steal tons of targeted traffic from product launches.

Part 3: Selling high-ticket products to your list
– High-ticket products and why you should be selling them to your list.
– The gameplan that you need to know and follow.
– The reasons why selling a high ticket product is different and why it is harder.
– List of tools that you should be using including swipe emails, upsell pages, sample videos, and more.
– Steps that you should follow so your list subscribers will purchase a high ticket product from you.

My Super Affiliate Builder Bonus #2: Social Media Marketing Complete Blueprint

My Super Affiliate Builder is a software on your website. The question is, how to get traffic? This blueprint will uncover an aspect of traffic generation, which is social media.

This blueprint comes with 2 parts. The first part is about Reddit marketing. The second part is about Instagram marketing.

The following are a list of topics that you will learn from this course:
Part 1: Reddit marketing.
– Introduction to Reddit.
– Subreddits, what it is, and why you should care.
– Reddit is one profitable traffic source this year. Find out why.
– The advantage of bigger subreddits.
– Pros and cons of smaller subreddits.
– How to use the Reddit karma system to your advantage.
– Features and free tools on Reddit that you should know and use properly.

Part 2: Instagram Marketing:
– Find out how you can use the hashtags function on Instagram to drive targeted, relevant traffic.
– The step by step process to combine Instagram with your website for effective promotion.
– Cheatsheet, PDFs, and roadmaps that you can follow.
– The features and functions on Instagram that you can use.
– How to promote your website or brand on Instagram without being flagged as a spammer.

My Super Affiliate Builder Bonus #3: SEO Success Blueprint

If you run a business on the internet, then you cannot ignore the search engine traffic. The majority of websites were found on the internet thanks to the power of search engines.

This is the reason that online entrepreneurs should learn and master search engine optimization, SEO techniques first. If you don’t know the basics of SEO, you will fail in your journey for online success.

You don’t need to become a techie geek to get ranked on Google or Bing. You just need to know exactly what you are doing.

The SEO Success Blueprint has all the answers if you want to learn about the basics of SEO. This product is not for SEO professionals, but it is geared to newbies and intermediate marketers. All you need to do is learn how to rank on easy keywords first. Then, you can move on and target harder keywords on Google or Bing.

Some of the tips and tricks that you will learn from this course:
– A glance at SEO and why it is vital to your online success.
– Discover the secrets to create compelling content that will rank on Google.
– List of on-page SEO factors that you must know and implement to your website content, and its structure.
– The power of backlinks, why you should be getting them, and how to get them.
– The proven social media marketing tactics that you should implement to get steady traffic and powerful backlinks.
– List of article directories where you can post content into, and then get the traffic, as well as backlinks.
– Press release marketing techniques. Discover how you can appear on news sites and Google News.
– List of other backlink sources that you should know and leverage.

My Super Affiliate Builder Bonus #4: Pinterest Perfection

Pinterest is the hottest social media site right now. The problem is, not many of us know how to tap into this opportunity to get promote their products, get traffic, and grow their brands online.

Pinterest Perfection is a solid guide on how can you leverage Pinterest for traffic and sales. Discover the following, plus a lot more from this guide:
– Basic user tips for Pinterest.
– How to use Pinterest to connect with trusted bloggers.
– Secrets to promote your brand here without being pushy.
– Discover how can you provide helpful information and share relevant images on Pinterest.
– Get creative. Creativity is the secret to get a lot of attention, likes, and clicks from Pinterest.

Plus, a lot more will be covered in this course.

How to claim these bonuses:
1. Purchase the My Super Affiliate Builder product from this website. Click here to purchase My Super Affiliate Builder product.

2. Compose an email with the subject: “Send me My Super Affiliate Builder bonus”. Please state your transaction ID and the date of purchase for verification.

3. Send your email to support[at] Replace [at] with @.

Thanks for reading.


My Super Affiliate Builder review

If you are just starting a business online, affiliate marketing is the way to go. With affiliate marketing, you don’t need to stock products or ship products to your customers. You can simply sell other people’s products and each commission.

All you have to know and do is get traffic and conversion. There are tons of ways you can do this, but one of the most effective methods would be to use email marketing and survey. That’s what My Super Affiliate Builder is about.

My Super Affiliate Builder is a WordPress plugin that you can install on your WordPress site, activate, and then create a nice, attractive survey for your visitors. This is very important to boost conversion rates.

Depending on your traffic sources, your visitors will want different products from you. And, you won’t know what exactly they want, unless you create a survey on your website, collect their response, and deliver them exactly what they need.

My Super Affiliate Builder comes with ready-made templates that you can use to load and create new surveys. There is no need to start from scratch since these templates are already available in your WordPress dashboard.

You can customize the questions, and answers and then direct the visitors to different types of questions based on their responses. Finally, your visitors will get to download the eBook or your product depending on their answers along the process.

My Super Affiliate Builder can also be integrated with popular autoresponder services including Aweber, MailChimp, Getresponse, and Active Campaign.